Buy Local and Save our Small Family Farms

Posted by Stephanie Jones on

Its been said that small farms are less efficient than large scale producers but small farms  produce healthier food. While large scale farms do produce large quantities of food, they also use harsh chemicals and pesticides and they are not as environmentally friendly.

Small farms can’t compete with big Ag so family farms are closing at alarming rates. We are losing our local food system while imported food from other countries continue to rise.

We need to take back our food system. We need more food grown in back yards and on local family farms. We need to know what is or isn’t sprayed on our food. We need to know our growers and learn how our food is produced. 

We can help these small family farms by supporting our local farms and businesses. Choose to buy from local farms and shops in your town. Avoid large chains with mostly imported goods. We can revive local economy and boost small family farms by choosing to keep our hard earned money in our own communities. 

A lot of small farms will also barter and trade, an activity that has become rare in our money driven society. Barter and trade is a great way to get value without money ever changing hands. Volunteer to work at your local farm in trade for fresh produce, eggs, milk, or honey.

It’s time to take back our food system and build our local economy. 


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